Created by doctors. Backed by Science. Made simple for you.

Most people have tried 5 to 7 different diets before coming to us. Is that you?

Scientific evidence has shown an 800 calorie meal replacement programme to be a fast and safe way to lose weight.

Our clinicians help you lose weight and teach you how to maintain your weight loss forever. 

This can help improve or even reverse type 2 diabetes, blood pressure and raised cholesterol.

We’ve made it super simple to understand and follow. 

We’re so confident in our programme that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee**

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During the first 8-12 weeks on the programme

Average weight lost


Average % of initial body weight lost


HbA1C average drop

Individual results may vary

What’s the number one thing you need to know about losing weight? It’s not your fault

Let’s make guilt and stigma a thing of the past. We understand the many reasons why we gain weight and why it is hard to lose it – that’s why our programme addresses your psychology, personal beliefs and daily habits to look and feel better about yourself

Lose weight

Fast and safe weight loss through a total diet replacement programme under clinical supervision

Feel great

Our clinical team helps you build new easy healthy lifestyle behaviours

Inspire others

Getting healthy is infectious! Your new lifestyle will inspire friends and family to make better choices

Our delicious shakes & soups

Our 3 plans

Our plans have been designed by a multi-disciplinary team of NHS doctors, dietitian, nutritionists and clinical psychologists using the latest clinical evidence available. Choose which plan is right for you.

Fast 4

  • 2-5 kg weight loss per week*
  • 4 meal replacements per day
  • 121 dedicated nutritionist support
  • Nutrium App

Combi 3

  • 1-2 kg weight loss per week*
  • 3 meal replacements & 1 balanced meal per day
  • 121 dedicated nutritionist support
  • Nutrium App

Life 5

  • 0.5-1 kg weight loss per week*
  • Healthy lifestyle and behaviour change programme
  • 121 dedicated nutritionist support
  • Nutrium App

Lynn's success story

“I am no longer diabetic and my high blood pressure, hip and knee pain have also improved significantly. The results have been fantastic and the support of the clinical team are what really sets the DRC apart.”


Weight lost during the programme.


Down from 29 at the start of the programme.


Down from 49 (on medication) at the start of the programme to 42 (no medication).

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