Type 2 Diabetes reversal is here

We are a GP led one-stop lifestyle service for people who want to lose weight and reverse or improve their diabetes care without using medication. 

Our NHS doctors, dietitians and nutritionists will help you lose weight and keep it off long term.

We specialise in adjusting and removing your medication as your diabetes improves.

Our clinical team conducts over 15,000 patient contacts in the NHS per year. We are the experts in weight loss and diabetes reversal.

During the first 8-12 weeks on the programme.

Average weight lost


Average % of initial body weight lost


HbA1C average drop

Individual results may vary.

Tired of being overweight and taking medication?

As clinicians working in the NHS we have set up a lifestyle service which has been designed to help you achieve the following:

Weight loss

Fast and safe weight loss under clinical supervision

Healthy lifestyle

Our clinical team helps you build new healthy lifestyle behaviours which you and your family can sustain long term

Stop medication

Our GPs will support you to come off some medications on day 1 of the programme

Our programme

Our 3 phase programme has been designed by a multi-disciplinary team of NHS doctors, dietitian, nutritionists and clinical psychologists using the latest clinical evidence available.

Phase 1

Rapid weight loss

You will be on an 800 calorie per day total diet replacement programme for a period of 8-12 weeks using our bespoke formulated shakes and soups

Phase 2

Food reintegration

Every week over 4 weeks our nutritionist will support you to re-introduce healthier versions of the food you know and love

Phase 3

Long term maintenance

Our ‘Golden 5 Plan’ focuses on your nutrition, movement, sleep, stress management and changing your environment to help you stay healthy easily and naturally

Lynn's success story

“I am no longer diabetic and my high blood pressure, hip and knee pain have also improved significantly. The results have been fantastic and the support of the clinical team are what really sets the DRC apart.”


Down from 152.2lbs at the start of the programme.


Down from 29 at the start of the programme.


Down from 49 (on medication) at the start of the programme to 42 (no medication).

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