How to Achieve Your Goals, One Step at a Time

Most of us have a lot of dreams and goals in various areas of our lives but often don’t know where to start. This, in turn, keeps us from moving closer to our goals and achieving things we never thought possible. The great thing about taking steps towards achieving our goals is what you will discover on your journey. New ideas, new people, life changing opportunities. Creating a clear path towards achieving our goals helps turn our dreams into a potential reality and teaches us invaluable life lessons. Start by taking some of the following steps and discover what you are capable of and what is within your reach.

The first thing to do is to try and focus on one goal at a time. Try and make a list of all the things you would like to achieve, no matter how big or small, and rank them in order of priority. Really think about what would have the most significant impact on your current situation and what you are willing to invest your spare time in. Also make sure that it is something you can work towards over the coming days, months or years. Once you have defined this, you have prioritised what is important to you. The rest can wait (for now!).

Next, try and figure out when you can dedicate time towards achieving this goal and doing everything that is required. A lack of time is very frequently cited as the main reason why people don’t even attempt to work towards their goals. Yet, we often have more time than we think and this easy tool will help you discover this. Take a sheet of paper and write down everything you do from the moment you get up to the moment you go to bed. An example would be:

  • 6:30am Wake up, read the news on my phone
  • 6:50am Brush my teeth, shower, put on make-up, get dressed
  • 7:15am Have breakfast, read social media
  • 7:45am Head to work, listen to a podcast
  • 8:30am Work
  • 11am Coffee break, read social media
  • 11:15am Work
  • 1pm Have lunch, write messages, read social media
  • 2pm Work
  • 3:30pm Coffee break, read social media
  • 3:45pm Work
  • 6pm Head home, read social media
  • 6:45pm Make dinner, spend time with my family
  • 8:30pm Watch TV, read social media
  • 10:30pm Head to bed, read the news

Now you can see that you could replace every time you are on social media with steps that will help you achieve your goal (e.g. exercising, reading, writing). You will be surprised by how little you will miss this mindless time scrolling, which is now the time you spend taking life changing, powerful steps towards achieving your goal. Once you have found your time slots, promise yourself that you will use these times to work towards your goal.

In order to achieve your goal try and think about little steps you can take consistently to get closer to your overall goal. Dedicate your defined time slots to finding out what you can do to get closer to achieving your goal. If you are trying to get fitter and become a runner, you can start by going for brisk walks or light jogs 10-15 minutes a day. If you would like to start reading more, find a book and start reading a few pages a day. If you would like to learn a new skill, start by looking up information on the best steps to take every day. If you would like to meet new friends, see what group meet ups happen in your area that match your interest and get in touch. Chances are, if you stick to this for a while, you will develop new skills, meet new people and continue to progress towards achieving your goal. As long as you keep trying out various avenues and don’t stop, you are progressing, evolving and learning. This is exactly what will increase your self-esteem and make you feel accomplished. Get started today – you will be amazed by what is within your reach!

Marie Spreckley

NHS Nutritionist & The DRC Lead Registered Nutritionist

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