NHS Staff Well Being Programme

30% off all products and services. 100% support. Available till end of October 2020.

Working as an NHS health care professional can be an incredibly rewarding experience. However as fellow clinicians we know how easy it is to not prioritise our own health and mental well-being. Many of us do struggle with controlling our weight due to high stress work environments and often healthy food options are not easily available where we work.

We’ve therefore set up a weight loss and well being service just for you. 

And to say a big THANK YOU we are committed to offering you 30% off the price of all our products and services till end of October 2020.

To access this offer please email us at clinicians@thedrc.com

Working with the NHS

If you work in the NHS and are interested in finding out more about the services we offer to the NHS please do contact us. We are able to deliver services to anywhere within the UK.

We are currently running pilot programmes for both Type 2 Diabetes remission and weight reversal in multiple GP Practices in London. Results will be published shortly.

Referring patients to us

If you are a GP or GP Practice and are interested in referring a patient to us or run a pilot in your practice, our team would love to talk to you. Please contact us at clinicians@thedrc.com. Please do not send patient identifiable information to this address.

We can also provide large scale services to Primary Care Networks and CCGs/ICSs/STPs for remotely delivered one-stop diabetes remission and weight reversal services. Please contact us at info@thedrc.com.

Partner with us

Our ethos is to work in partnership with like-minded organisations to help the NHS achieve its Long Term Plan. Our clinical indemnity is provided by the Medical Defence Union.

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