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I retired 6 years ago. I enjoy spending time with my family and 4 grandchildren. We enjoy visiting friends and I love to spend time in the garden with my husband, sewing, reading, cooking and visiting places of interest.

The main reason was the opportunity to reverse my diabetes and to lose weight, to help my mobility and my wellbeing.

The support from Marie, Dr. Rabbani and Dr. Syed. Without that it would have been very difficult.

How quick I lost the weight and after 4 weeks my diabetes was in remission and metformin was no longer needed. Also my high blood pressure dropped so my medication was halved.

At the moment, I am no longer a diabetic. Also the weight loss has helped hugely with my hip and knee pain.

We found by adding different combinations of vegetables, herbs and spices made them more interesting. And we added coffee to the chocolate and vanilla milk shakes. Iceland is the best place to buy your frozen veg which we steamed before adding to the soup which we then microwaved to bring it up to a suitable heat.

Key metrics

Weight after 5 weeks

Down from 69kg at the start of
the programme.

B M I after 5 weeks

Down from 29 at the start of
the programme.


Down from 49 (on medication) at the start of the programme to 42 (no medication).

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